“A small indiscretion” Jan Ellison

Rated 4 stars **** ARC. Random House. (Published January 20, 2015).

ASmallIndiscretionNineteen-year-old Annie Black didn’t think her father was an alcoholic, even when he spent all his time drinking and drained their joint account of her $2600 in savings before he left their home for good. Determined to confront him and get her money back, the portion she recovers is enough to take her to London where she finds work as a secretary for Malcolm Church.

Her days in London are spent drinking in pubs, sometimes to the point of oblivion, but Annie doesn’t think she has a problem. While fending off her boss’ advances, she meets Patrick, who has permission to sleep with Malcolm’s wife. Fancying herself in love, Annie allows herself to get mixed up in a tangled web of deceit, lust and lies.

Twenty years later Annie is a happily married mother of three, but when she gets a strange photograph in the mail she has a sudden desire to relive her days in London. Forgetting the present in her quest to relive the past, Annie puts everything and everyone she holds dear in danger. Only love can save Annie and her family before it’s too late for all of them.

Every other chapter in the book is a flashback, but it would have been a bit easier to follow the storyline if the title of each would have been something like “Then” and “Now.” Other than that small quibble I enjoyed reading Annie’s story, and was shocked on more than one occasion by her behavior and by the author sneaking in something interesting I hadn’t expected. “A small indiscretion” will keep readers on their toes, trying to figure out Ellison’s next move for Annie.

Recommended for Adults.


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