“Awake” Natasha Preston

Rated 3 stars *** ARC. Ebook. Sourcebooks Fire. Published August 4, 2015.

AwakeWhen sixteen-year-old Scarlett met handsome Noah she had no idea how her life would change. Within a week they were in love and, after a month, they were inseparable. He wanted to know everything about her life, and she loved showing him new things. When she mentioned being unable to remember anything that happened before she was 4 years old, he encouraged her to try and recover those lost memories.

As Scarlett’s not-so-pleasant memories began to surface she discovered her normal life was just a sham, because her parents had stolen her away from a cult called Eternal Light. The cult leaders were her real parents. They had never given up looking for her as they had specific plans, which had been waiting for her for 12 years.

Unfortunately it doesn’t take long before Scarlett allows herself to fall right into their hands. With time running out, she will have to face the biggest challenge of her young life while Noah will have to make a decision, which may cost more than he’s prepared to pay.

I enjoyed the thrill and mysterious feelings in “Awake,” but felt cheated at the end when the author made it very obvious there would be a part two to the book with her open ending. I don’t like that “Awake” wasn’t advertised as being part of a series, as I wouldn’t have read it since I don’t like to wait years for book sequels. Without giving away too much I was also annoyed with Scarlett for being so head over heels in love with Noah that within a week she was willing to take his word for everything – something she would live to regret. Why is it that teenagers in books are always walking around with their eyes open but don’t see anything of substance?

I will recommend “Awake” for readers ages 14 and older because it was an okay read, but I’m disappointed it didn’t end with a bow around the present instead of with the wrapping paper still having to be bought at the store, among other issues.

I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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