“I crawl through it” A.S. King

Rated 1 star * ARC. Ebook. To be published September 22, 2015. Hatchette Book Group (Little, Brown & Company.)

ICrawlThroughItI received this ARC from Netgalley in return for an honest review.

In short, choppy chapters readers are introduced to the meandering thoughts of four teens suffering from various life changing issues. Gustav builds invisible helicopters, China turns herself into various body parts, Stanzi invents imaginative and “out there” explanations of her world, while Lansdale impulsively lies about everything. They draw upon each other’s strengths, and use their pain to create a world only they can understand.

The garbled, upside down symbolic world in this book, fraught with hidden meanings, reminded me of the nonsensical worlds created by several other YA authors. I didn’t like any of those books, and I didn’t like this one. I like to read a book and have A + B = C. This was more like D – Z + 2 + * – # + ? = nothing.

It didn’t make any sense to me, and I couldn’t wait to make it to the last page. I’m sure there will probably be teens and librarians who will ooh and ah over this book, wanting it to win all sorts of awards. I’m not one of them. I’ll leave it up to you to Decide if You want to Read it or not.

Not Recommended.

2 thoughts on ““I crawl through it” A.S. King

  1. Interesting… I didn’t read this one yet. I wonder if you read Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future and what you think. I’m almost done with it, I will look to see if you reviewed it in the past, Alma. I value your opinion!

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