“Freedom’s child” Jax Miller

Rated 5 stars ***** ARC. Published June 2, 2015. Crown Publishers (Random House). 311 pp.

Freedom'sChildFreedom Oliver has been in the witness protection program for 18 years, ever since she served time for killing her policeman husband. After losing custody of her two children, she spent the intervening years in alcohol and rage filled fights to make herself forget the pain of their loss. Her brother’s husband served 18 years in prison for the murder of his brother. Now released, he and his brothers have revenge on their mind and are looking for Freedom.

When Freedom finds out her daughter is missing from the cult family into which she’d been adopted, she throws caution to the wind. With the steadfastness of purpose that only a mother can have for have for her children, and with the rage of a mother bear defending her cub, she is determined to move heaven and earth to find her daughter. To paraphrase the poet William Congreve “Hell hath no fury like a mother who is protecting her child,” as Freedom fights through anyone and everything to find the daughter she held 20 years ago for only two minutes and seventeen seconds.

“Freedom’s child” held me in its thrilling grip as I eagerly turned its pages to find out what would next befall Freedom. Though her life had been filled with pain, sorrow and strife, her rage and thirst for revenge allowed her to draw on her previous experiences to fight for her children as only a mother can fight. Other readers will be just as enthralled.

Highly recommended for Adult readers.


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