“Eight hundred grapes” Laura Dave

Rated 4 stars **** ARC. Published June 2, 2015. Simon & Schuster.

EightHundredGrapesA few days before her wedding Georgia sees Ben, her fiancé, with his ex-girlfriend and a little girl. Unable to deal with what she was seeing, she decides to run back home to her family in Sonoma. There, amongst the grapes in her father’s vineyard, she is certain to find the respite and peace she seeks.

Instead, once home, she realizes everyone seems to be hiding a secret life of his or her own. As her life gets even more tangled and complicated Georgia will have to figure out how to deal with Ben, her parents, and her brothers as well as her own issues. With the clock ticking towards her wedding day decisions will have to be made that may not turn out the way she, and everyone else, thinks they should.

While reading this book I learned more than I expected about the wine making process and the life of grapes, which give wine its life. In addition the word “synchronization” and it’s definition, used to explain the many plot twists in the book, is the heart behind the story, the grape behind the wine, and the wind behind Georgia’s sails.

Readers will find themselves wondering about their own life’s synchronicity, finding it’s sometimes best to not overanalyze the details, but to seek to understand. “Eight hundred grapes” insists readers scrape below the surface of what things appear to be, so as to see more than what they thought they were seeing.

Recommended for Adults.


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