“Love is the drug” Alaya Dawn Johnson

Rated 2 stars ** Ebook. 2014. Arthur A. Levine Books (Scholastic).

LoveIsTheDrugCarol Bird expects her daughter Emily to look, act, dress and behave a certain way in her rich, private school. As a strong black woman with a very important career, Carol is certain Emily will continue to obey her wishes, date proper boys with a good future, and go on to a college and career of her selection. Emily’s hopes and dreams are secondary to her mother’s, so denying her own inner wants so as to keep the peace has become a way of life.

Alonso, also known as Coffee, is a rebellious drug dealer and chemistry genius at Emily’s school. Though she knows he is bad news Emily has a secret crush, but will never cross the line her mother has set for her relationships. Dating handsome Paul is good for her future, but mixing with Coffee will set that future on end. Emily isn’t ready to take that chance even though she likes how he calls her Bird, as well as his belief in her inner strength.

Emily’s inability to make her own decisions takes a backseat to the news that their city has been hit with a deadly flu virus. An important CIA operative seems too interested in her after she lets something slip at a party about her parent’s work and, within hours of meeting him, she wakes up in a hospital with no memory of what happened with him at the party or Paul’s role in how she wound up at the hospital.

With her parents tied up elsewhere and millions dead around the world, Emily and Coffee are thrown together trying to unravel the mystery of what happened to Emily at the party. With the CIA agent breathing down their necks, and the world as they know it coming to an end, Emily is desperate to find out what she has forgotten. However if she does remember, things may get even worse for the two of them.

I wasn’t a fan of this book as Emily was too wishy washy for me, and the constant evil actions of the CIA agent felt unrealistic. Emily did grow a little backbone with Coffee’s support, but had spent so much time bending to her mother’s wishes it took the entire book for her to find a real backbone of her own.

Books with girls who depend on guys for their strength and story lines that are more myth than truth are not my cup of tea, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you want to read it or not.


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