“Those girls” Chevy Stevens

Rated 5 stars ***** ARC. 2015. Published July 7, 2015. St. Martin’s Press.

ThoseGirlsDanielle, Courtney and Jess had been living hard lives ever since their mother died. Their alcoholic father repeatedly beat them, or left home for long periods of time leaving them to scrounge for food. Despite these hardships, the sisters drew strength from each other and relied on these bonds to get them through their father’s brutality.

The night he tried to kill Courtney, the girls ran away to avoid foster care. While on the road their truck broke down in Cash Creek, a small town, where two boys promised to help. A living nightmare ensued, which would follow them for the rest of their lives.

Eighteen years have passed, and the sisters are living under assumed names. The rhythm of their lives is interrupted when Courtney decides she needs to bring closure to what happened in Cash Creek, and Jess’ daughter Skylar begins asking questions about their past. The house of cards they’ve been living in for 18 years is about to come tumbling down, and the three of them can’t do anything to stop it.

“Those girls” had me on the edge of my seat, alternately wishing for the girl’s safety or for ample revenge. Without giving out a spoiler let me say that even though I knew the author had to end the book the way she did, I still cried.

Highly recommended for Adult readers.


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