“All the missing girls” Megan Miranda

Rated 4 stars **** ARC. Ebook. To be published June 28, 2016. Simon & Schuster.

AllTheMissingGirlsTen years ago Nicolette Farrell left her friends, boyfriend and family behind in her sleepy hometown of Cooley Ridge, North Carolina. Over the years she worked hard to bring herself up by her own bootstraps, and is engaged to a rich lawyer in Philadelphia with her own career. When a mysterious letter arrives from home, followed by a call from her brother, she realizes she has to return to face the demons she’s been running from ever since her best friend Corinne vanished.

It doesn’t take long for Annaleise Carter, another young woman, to disappear soon after Nic arrives in town. The police are sniffing around her ex-boyfriend Tyler, Corinne’s old boyfriend Jackson, Nic’s brother Daniel, and even her senile father. Nic doesn’t know who to believe and, as the truth is gradually revealed, her world will never be the same.

I loved the suspense in this book, and suspected everyone as I eagerly devoured it. I was sure I knew who was guilty, and was SHOCKED when Miranda played her last card and revealed her hand. I did NOT see THAT coming!

I didn’t like that the story was told backwards, which is why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars. It’s a unique way to write, but I kept getting confused. I would read about events in one chapter that weren’t explained until the next chapter, but there was an earlier chapter after that which really came before it. HUH?! I found myself going back and forth several times to get the gist of the action, which took away from the storyline, and was especially hard to do with an ebook. Though I was not a fan of this, the suspense and whodunit atmosphere makes “All the missing girls” worth a read.

Recommended for Adults.

I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



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