“Klickitat” by Peter Rock

Rated 1 star * ARC. Published April 12, 2016. Abrams.

KlickitatVivian was 15 when her 17-year-old sister Audra disappeared. She knew Audra was unhappy with society, technology, school, herself, her parents and life in general but always knew they had a special bond like Beezus and Ramona in Beverly Cleary’s old books. She was sure Audra would come back for her. When Audra finally returned to get her, she had a friend named Henry who knew all about how to forage and live in the woods.

Now a threesome, Vivian has to get used to sharing her sister while also learning Henry’s rules and ways of homeless life. Though she misses her parents, she loves Audra, and will do anything for them to stay together as a family.

I thought this book was very strange. Vivian’s notebook was weird as well as the fact that both she and her sister’s disappearances didn’t merit much police attention. It was also strange that her parents didn’t seem too affected, and that they were able to hide in plain sight and survive as street urchins for so long. As I forced myself to keep reading I kept thinking, “thank goodness I didn’t actually have to pay for this book.”

Though I didn’t care for it, I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you want to read it or not.


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