“Unfolding” Jonathan Friesen

Rated 1 star * ARC. To be published January 31, 2017. Blink. 275 p.

unfoldingAll his life Jonah has loved Stormi while hating his own scoliosis and epilepsy. Some in his little town of Gullary, Oklahoma are leery of her because she sees things before they happen, while others love her. Mixed in with his constant thoughts of Stormi, and his bouts with epileptic attacks, is a mystery surrounding a secret group of men called The Circle and an old prisoner.

I couldn’t get into this book, finding Jonah’s wandering narrative to be sleep inducing and the storyline too far fetched for my liking. Maybe one of you will enjoy it, so I will leave it up to you to Decide if You Want to Read it or Not.




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