“False step” Victoria Helen Stone

Rated 3 stars *** ebook. 2019. Lake Union Publishing.

False stepVeronica had fallen out of love with her husband. When he cheated, she forgave him but felt betrayed, which made it easier to have an affair with his best friend. With Micah she felt desired. She wanted to divorce Johnny, but didn’t because Sydney loved her father and would be hurt.

Suddenly Johnny was all over the news because he’d found a missing three-year-old child while on a hike. He was a hero, but Veronica hated the attention because she was afraid someone would find out about Micah. When it was revealed the child had been kidnapped, she found Johnny with a burner phone and became suspicious. Was he having another affair? As clues began to mount, Veronica soon found that things weren’t always what they seemed, and that some secrets were better left hidden.

I was very annoyed with Veronica for almost the entire book. She was too spineless and needy. “I need a man to feel happy.” “My lover might be cheating on me.” She was so co-dependent I wanted to give her a good shake. I didn’t buy her excuses about all the men in her life.  However, though her head was in the sand for most of the book as it reached its predictable conclusion, it did have its moments of interest.

Therefore, I’ll leave it up to you Adult readers to decide if you want to read it or not.



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