“The perfect stranger” Megan Miranda

Rated 2 stars ** ARC. Ebook. To be published May 16, 2017. Simon & Schuster.
Forced to resign from her reporter job in Boston, Leah theperfectstrangerreacquaints herself with Emmy, an old friend. Both women need a new beginning, so decide to rent a home in a small Pennsylvania town. Now a high school teacher, Leah struggles to come to grips with what happened in Boston while trying to figure out how to start her life anew.

One day, Leah realizes she hasn’t seen Emmy in almost 5 days. When a young woman is found bludgeoned almost to death, Leah fears the worst and asks Kyle, a local detective, for help finding Emmy. When Emmy’s boyfriend is found murdered, clues seem to point towards Leah because no one can locate any evidence that Emmy actually existed. Each day that passes brings new fears to Leah’s life, and she will have to use every reporter skill she’s ever learned to get herself out of the hole into which someone seems to have wanted her to fall.

Billed as a sequel to “All the missing girls,” Miranda’s “The perfect stranger” seemed more as a standalone read to me. I didn’t find it to be as exciting, and it definitely wasn’t as suspenseful as “All the missing girls.”

I wasn’t a big fan, so will leave it up to you Adult readers to decide if you want to read it or not.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

“The gilded life of Matilda Duplaine” Alex Brunkhorst

Rated 5 stars ***** ARC. Ebook. To be published September 22, 2015. MIRA Books.

MathildaDuplaineI received this ARC from Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Thomas Cleary, reporter, had just been fired from his job at The Wall Street Journal. After a time of job seeking he called in a favor from a Harvard friend, which landed him a job with The Los Angeles Times. Relegated to small, insignificant columns he hit the big time in journalism when Lily Goldman, wealthy socialite, took a liking to him. After being invited to report on several prestigious Bel-Air parties, mingling with the city’s wealthiest and most well known characters, Thomas’ star was soon on the rise.

During this time of euphoria he met Matilda Duplaine, a beautiful recluse on her father’s estate. Besotted, Thomas began to take great risks for opportunities to see her. His reporter mind couldn’t figure out why she had been hidden on the estate for 20 years, so he decided to investigate. As they began spending more time together, and Matilda’s mysterious background began to surface, their blossoming romance started to tarnish and unravel. With more at stake than previously imagined, Thomas will have to tread carefully or risk losing the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Through Thomas’ eyes, Brunkhorst takes readers through the gilded life of the rich and famous, showing its beauty as well as its pain. “The gilded life of Matilda Duplaine” is a poignant look at how quickly green grass on the other side of the fence becomes brown.

Recommended for Adults.