“People of the lake” by N.L. Scorza

Rated 5 stars ***** ARC. ebook. To be published October 15, 2019. Sky Pony Press.

People of the lakeGrowing up Clara’s twin sister Zoe got her in trouble all the time, but Clara didn’t mind. They shared stories and even had their own secret language but, when they were eight years old, Zoe drowned. It took Clara many years to get over losing her best friend, but she still talked to Zoe all the time in her head. After her parents divorced she lived with her mom but, when her boyfriend moved in, Clara sought refuge for the summer with her father in the tiny town of Redmarch Lake.

From her first day there Clara felt something was very strange about the town and its foreboding lake that seemed to draw her with a malevolent power. Townies didn’t want to talk to her, and looked either afraid or as if they hated her because she was an outsider. She was warned multiple times to stay out of the woods and, when she managed to make a new friend, he was suddenly murdered in the woods.

Soon afterwards she and Hector, another outsider, began to work together to try and figure out the town’s secrets and answer its many unspoken questions. Why was everyone afraid? What were the strange sounds they kept hearing in the woods? Who was leaving her notes in the language she and Zoe made up many years ago? When another boy is murdered, Clara and Hector began to realize the town didn’t want its secrets revealed. Something was coming after them, and it was only a matter of time before it got what it wanted.

This book was SO horribly creepy and exciting. I was on the edge of my seat rapidly reading and turning pages to find out what was going to happen next. My biggest advice to anyone reading this book is to NOT read it at night. If you do then you’ll have to distract yourself with something peppy if you plan to actually sleep after reading it. No one told me that, so I’m off to go watch a pep rally or something…….

Highly recommended for ages 14 and older.

“Ghosts of the Shadow Market” by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson, Kelly Link and Robin Wasserman

Rated 5 stars ***** 2019. Margaret K. McElderry Books. 607 p.

Ghosts of the Shadow MarketSeveral well-known Young Adult authors join with Cassandra Clare to pen 10 stories about Jem, Tessa and other characters from the “Mortal Instruments, “Infernal Devices” and “Dark Artifices” series in Shadow Markets of different locations and time periods.

Unlike “Tales of the Shadowhunter Academy”, “Ghosts of the Shadow Market” doesn’t waste time rehashing characters in each story. By now anyone who’s read the series knows the characters, so constantly describing them in each story is boring and repetitive for those of us who know all about them. Thank you for not taking more than a quick sentence or two to tell us about them in each story.

The stories take place between 1899 (when Matthew Fairchild was parabatai with James Herondale and Jem was still Brother Zacahriah) and 2013 (when Jem and Tessa are married and expecting their first child.) This time period is also when “Queen of Air and Darkness” ended, leading readers into what will definitely be a new series with Jace Herondale’s Thule double preparing to wreck disaster on the characters we’ve grown to know and love.

Highly recommended for ages 14 and older.






“Queen of air and darkness” Cassandra Clare

Rated 4 stars **** 2018. The dark artifices, Book #3. Margaret K. Elderry Books. N.Y. 880 p.

Queen of air and darknessWhen last we saw her Annabel Blackthorn had killed Julian’s little sister Livvy, as well as the Inquisitor, and was whisked away to the Unseelie Court by the King. Drawing on the Shadowhunter’s fear of faeries, and these untimely deaths, Zara Deaborn and her newly elected Inquisitor father have taken over the Clave with little resistance. Laws to register Downworlders have been passed, with more ways to separate Downworlders and Shadowhunters planned.

Ty refuses to believe Livvy is gone and is determined to raise her from the dead. Kit, drawn strongly to him, agrees to help. Meanwhile, afraid of the Parabatai curse, Julian asked Malcolm to take away his feelings – believing this would keep him away from Emma. His inability to react to her, or to anything else, leaves her in despair.

Determined to rid himself of Julian and Emma, the Inquisitor sends them on an illegal mission to Faerie to find the Black Volume, where he intends to have them killed. Meanwhile Cristina finds herself in love with both Kieran as well as Mark, while the two of them realize they also love her.

With the Clave in total disarray, warlocks rapidly sickening from a mysterious illness, and the Unseelie Court playing a large role in the Dearborns’ plans, our favorite Shadowhunters will have their work cut out for them to restore things back to normalcy.

Recommended for ages 14 and older, despite the multiple sex scenes, and constant addition of new characters and new “happenings.”



This 880-page tome that, by the way is WAY too full of sex scenes, should have been enough to end the suspense over the Shadowhunter world of the Dark Artifices, and should have tied everything into a relatively nice knot of happiness. But, alas, Cassandra left enough loose ends dangling so there will be ANOTHER series featuring characters such as Kit, Ash and the newly arrived Jace Herondale #2.

Sometimes, because there are just too many books to read in endless series, I just want to quit the Shadowhunter world cold turkey like I did after watching 3 yrs. of a long running television soap opera that never seemed to end. Unfortunately, or fortunately for her, Clare has a way of drawing in readers to make us want no, NEED, to find out what happens to our beloved friends.

Will Kit have to return to Faerie? Will Ash meet Dru? Will Jace #2 get his hands on Clary? Will Clary marry the real Jace? Stay tuned to whatever will be the next title in the new Shadowhunter series about them. Remember, you heard it here first!

“Lord of shadows” Cassandra Clare

Rated 5 stars ***** 2017. The dark artifices, Book #2. Margaret K. McElderry Books. 699 p.

Lord of ShadowsWhen last we saw the warlock Malcolm Fade, he’d been planning revenge on Shadowhunters for killing his girlfriend, Annabel Blackthorn. Though Emma killed him, his evil magic lives on…

A contingent of Centurions (highly trained Shadowhunters) arrives at the Los Angeles Institute to search for Malcolm’s body and the Black Volume of evil magic. Power hungry Zara Dearborn leads the group. She is determined to punish and oust Downworlders, and has gained a large following of Shadowhunters who feel as if they must maintain strict rules on all Downworlders.

Meanwhile Mark, Julian, Cristina and Emma break Clave Law to rescue Kieran from the Unseelie King as he’s about to be executed. Hotly pursued by his army they are given refuge in the Seelie Queen’s kingdom. There she reveals to Julian that she knows how to break his parabatai bond. All she wants in return is the Black Volume, also being sought by the Unseelie King.

His relationship with Emma is at stake, so Julian joins the long list of those wanting to get their hands on the Black Volume. Unfortunately the decisions he makes to gain it costs him more than he’d ever expected.

With every cliffhanger chapter I found myself on the edge of my seat, eagerly reading to find out what happens to Emma and the Blackthorns. I think I even found myself sliding over to Team Mark instead of Team Julian, as more of Mark’s character traits was revealed. There are lots of loose ends that need tying, so I can’t wait to dive into book 3  “Queen of air and darkness.”

Highly recommended for ages 14 and older.




“Lady Midnight” Cassandra Clare

Rated 5 stars ***** 2016. The dark artifices, Book #1. Margaret K. McElderry Books. 669 p.

Lady MidnightWe readers who are part of the Shadowhunter Army first met Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn in the Mortal Instruments series, when they were 12 years old. Now, five years later, they have become parabatai, living in the Los Angeles Institute with Julian’s brothers and sisters. One day a convoy of faeries appeared with Mark, Julian’s brother, taken by The Hunt when Sebastian was busy trying to conquer the world. They want the Blackthorns to help them find a faerie killer and, in return, will release Mark.

Knowing they’ll be breaking the Cold Peace agreed upon by the Clave at the end of the Dark War, they agree to help the faeries, planning to keep their investigation a secret from the Clave. With the help of much investigative work on the strange markings found on the bodies, they realize the killer is the same one who killed Emma’s parents five years ago and that the markings are clues that someone is attempting to raise someone from the dead.

Meanwhile, Emma and Julian have always been close, and are slowly realizing their closeness is more than just friendship. They’re desperately in love. Unfortunately, because they are parabatai, Eros love is against the Law. As they struggle to figure out how to handle their emotions, the hand of betrayal is soon heavy upon all of the Blackthorns. Only Julian can rise to the occasion to save them from the Clave’s anger.

Love, heartbreak, pain, loss, and betrayal are just a few of the many emotions faced by this new group of Shadowhunters. Readers will take their struggles to heart, just like we did with Jace, Clary, Simon, Alec and Isabelle.

Recommended for ages 14 and older.

“Clockwork princess” Cassandra Clare

Rated 5 stars ***** 2013. The Infernal Devices, book #3. Margaret K. McElderry Books.

Cllockwork princessOh! Be still my heart! I just finished crying my eyes out in the final pages, hurtling through and eagerly reading so as to continue capturing Will, Jem and Tessa’s essence as the book neared its conclusion. My heart ached for Will and Tessa’s pure love, as well as for that same love felt between Jem and Tessa. To be loved so dearly and all encompassing, by two men who loved each other as blood brothers and who would die for each other, was something that bit deeply into my heart – thus causing the emotions I felt as each of these characters suffered through trials and tribulations.

My 2014 review gives you a taste of the rich plot, so read it to see the specifics of what the book entails. However, I couldn’t let my review go by without expressing the emotions I felt while reading it. These are emotions I know you’ll also feel.

Thank you Cassandra for breathing life into these characters. I already miss them dearly.

Highly recommended for ages 14 and older.

“Clockwork prince” Cassandra Clare

Rated 4 stars **** ebook. 2011. The Infernal Devices, book #2. Margaret K. McElderry Books

Clockwork princeWhat do the years 2011 and 2014 have in common? If you guessed those were the years I read “Clockwork prince” you’d be correct. Back then I had even combined both reviews into one post!

I really enjoyed this 2019 reading, finishing it in one day and eagerly waiting to get my hands on the next book in the series. As I read of Tessa struggles to love both Jem and Will it reminded me of Bella and her love for both Edward and Jacob. I was Team Edward in the “Twilight” series. In this series, I’m totally Team Will.


I am really enjoying rereading about Tessa, Jem and Will’s adventures in Victorian London, so make sure to read my past reviews to get the gist of what has been happening and what’s going to happen. You’ll be just as excited as I am to get your hands on an old friend and reread it. Perhaps it’ll be your first time; mayhap your third like mine, but it’s still going to be a great read. Go for it!

Recommended for ages 14 and older.