“Blues for Zoey” Robert Paul Weston

Rated 5 stars ***** ARC. ebook. To be published February 2015 by Flux. (Originally published by Penguin Books Canada 2014.)

BluesForZoeyKaz Barrett misses his father, who died of a sudden heart attack, and is worried for his little sister who doesn’t seem to be coping well with his mother’s rare sleeping sickness, which reduces her to a zombielike state. He has been working hard after school and over the summer to get her treated at a sleep clinic, but is still $2000 short of his $12,000 goal.

With so much on his mind, and with light at the end of his long, financial tunnel, Kaz has no idea what awaits him the day he meets beautiful Zoey and her strange cross-like instrument. Suddenly his feelings for her over ride common sense, and Kaz finds himself involved in something mysterious and painful that will forever change his life.

Weston’s book of love and betrayal will keep readers glued to its pages as they ride Kaz’s emotional rollercoaster alongside him.

Highly recommended for ages 14 and older.


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