“1921: The great novel of the Irish Civil War” Morgan LLywelyn

Rated 5 stars ***** 2001. Irish Century Novels #2. Tom Doherty Associates. 445 pp. (Includes Irish Declaration of Independence, alphabetical list of Historical Characters, Source Notes and a Bibliography.)

1921The story of Ireland’s struggle for Independence from Great Britain is continued through the eyes of Ned’s friend Henry Mooney. As a well-respected reporter Henry travels the countryside to recount the many battles and political maneuverings which took place in the attempt to free Ireland from the clutches of the United Kingdom.

Through a series of unfortunate events, a treaty was signed making Ireland a Free State but angering those who had fought for her to become a Republic. Unwilling to agree to the partitioning of the Northern counties, and continued allegiance to the Crown, those who had fought together in the Easter uprising of 1916 broke ranks. Insisting on full Republic status, and a completely united Ireland, the Irish Republican Army and the new Free State Irish government became sworn enemies.

“1921” is the great and sorrowful story of Ireland’s civil war against her own people, leaving cities, families and friendships shattered and destroyed. Against this background of horror and confusion Henry struggles to maintain a neutral stance while reporting on both sides of the devastation for posterity’s sake.

Recommended for Adult readers.

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